O’Neill asked to postpone the Wolves-Everton game but to no avail.

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Gary O’Neill, Wolverhampton manager Admitted that. There was a request to the Premier League to postpone the game against Everton for one day. But was not successful.

O’Neill is keeping the Wolverhampton Wanderers team in good form, winning at home against Chelsea 2-1 on December 24. Followed by attacking Brentford 4-1 in the next 3 days and has a home game against Everton on Saturday, December 30.ทางเข้า UFABET 

Before the game at Molineux, O’Neill tried to request the Premier League to postpone the game against Everton on Sunday, December 31. Fearing that the players would fight too hard if they had to play three games. Games in 6 days.

However, as expected, the Premier League rejected O’Neill’s request.

O’Neill said: ‘I risked injury to the players by asking them to come on the field again. And usually the league has reasons they can’t provide.”

“They were open to listening to what I had to say. And they considered it as much as they could. But the answer is, unfortunately, that is not possible.”

“Three games in six days is really tough. You have to use people who are injured or not fully fit, it’s too much. The expectations on them should be at the level they should be.’

However, Wolverhampton Still maintaining an excellent performance, winning at home against Everton 3-0, winning three games in a row in the Premier League.