How to use roulette formulas to bet on cucks?

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In addition to 6 systems related to money and winning/losing in each round. We still have 1 more roulette formulas that we would like to introduce. So that you can use it as an alternative. This formula includes vest thrust bets formula. Which has an easy way to think and do as follows:

High and low thrust

The nature of the bet is just as the name suggests, that is, the player bets on both high and low numbers in parallel. With different ratios. For example, bet on a high number of 200 baht, bet on a low number of 100 baht. Which means You primarily choose to bet on the side of the high numbers. but also placed next to the low number just in case In this case. The overview is If the number is high, it will be profitable. But if a low number is issued, it will be at par, etc UFABET 

Low thrust high thrust.

Roulette formula, low bet, high bet Is to do the same thing with high and low bets. Just switch the amount placed to bet on a low number of 200 baht, bet on a high number of 100 baht. The calculation principles and chances of winning are in the same form is to diversify the risk itself. This type of roulette tips is popular among players. Especially the beginners who are learning the steps of the game.