Fresh tomatoes VS boxed tomato juice Which one is more useful?

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It’s a continuous trend. For boxed tomato juice, the girls flock to drink it. Because I want my own skin to be white, clear, soft, and fluffy (skin, not durian). Even though there are girls Another group that is not okay with the taste. But I tried to endure the drink, hoping it would make my skin beautiful and clear. Really glows naturally.

But another trend said that That box of tomato juice has a “salty” taste even though the box says “salty” on the front of the box. Even though it’s 100% pure tomato juice, it’s better to eat it fresh as a child. You’ll definitely get the full benefits of nature. Really,
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First, let’s take a look at what nutrients tomatoes contain. To help nourish the skin to be smooth and clear like girls. Desires of the whole country and city

Benefits of tomatoes

  1.  Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles on the face. Helps the skin look firm. Protect against harmful UV rays from the sun. And helps skin cells adjust the collagen under the skin to be strong. Moisturizes the skin Smooth and beautiful
  2.  Lycopene is an antioxidant. Helps delay aging Resist the deterioration of the body Helps blood circulation It also contains beta-carotene, vitamins and other nutrients. There are many benefits to the body. Now, ladies, you’ve seen that, right? Both vitamin C and lycopene It helps with reducing wrinkles. and tighten the skin to make it smooth, clear, and firm as well

And fresh tomatoes with boxed tomato juice Which one has more of these two?

Fresh tomatoes are high in vitamin C.

fresh tomatoes

Because vitamin C is a nutrient that is exposed to heat. or has been heavily processed It will gradually come in. It keeps decreasing, so if you want to get full vitamin C. (1 medium sized tomato is equal to the vitamin C in 1 pomelo) You must eat fresh tomatoes.

Tomato juice is high in lycopene.

Tomato juice box

Tomatoes will add more lycopene. If put through heat or cooked This is the process by which boxed tomato juice is made. Therefore, if you want to get full lycopene Choose to drink boxed tomato juice.

What if you want both?

I chose to eat both. May be eaten fresh. and can be used to cook various meals

But still eating tomatoes or too much tomato juice May cause the body to receive too much vitamin C. This does not cause much harm to the body other than being a waste because excess vitamin C will be excreted through the urine anyway. But if you take too much vitamin C, it really is. May cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or kidney stones.

The right amount of vitamin C for the body

Around 60-90 milligrams per day Or equal to 3-4 fresh tomatoes or 2 glasses of boxed tomato juice.

This time we can choose what kind of tomatoes we want to eat. The best way is to get the men to eat tomatoes together. Because vitamin C from fresh tomatoes also helps the body recover from cold symptoms faster. Nourishes teeth and gums from scurvy. Plus, lycopene from cooked tomatoes also helps reduce cancer. Therefore, we can eat tomatoes for the whole family.